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Citadel – Kate Mosse


1942. Occupied France. A time of courage, betrayal, loyalty – and love.

That was the most detailed summary I could find on both GoodReads and Amazon.

This is one of those books that I had put off reading because of it’s sheer size – at over 900 pages I thought it was going to be one of those books that I wouldn’t ever make it to the end of.

It wasn’t like that at all, and was actually a pretty easy read. The writing flowed nicely, the scenes were beautiful. It is, in essence, a story about a group of women fighting in a resistance group in the Midi during the course of WWII. The author is refreshing in that she uses mainly female characters in all of her narratives, and this one is no different. These women fight against the impending Nazi invasion, whether it’s handing out pamphlets, helping refugees get to the right places or setting off bombs. They aren’t suspected of it because they are women. Perfect cover.

Despite it’s easy read, I did struggle with it. It was just too long. And in some places it was just too slow moving for me to really enjoy, and had me questioning the worth of those parts. The ending frustrated me more than I can describe – the was the author treated one of the characters before the ultimate end is something that I felt was unnecessary. I know war is brutal, and it would have been at that point in time, but it just wasn’t for me.

I enjoyed the interludes to the past, with the monk travelling to hide the Codex, and then some of his life thereafter.

I also liked that fact that Audric Baillard had a greater role in this book, but felt that his reflections into 1209 and the first Labyrinth book were a little over the top – having lived for something like 800 years, there would surely have been other people that he would have come into contact with that would have made a good and equal impression on him, not just the few characters from the first book?

I don’t know. I think I had hoped for so much more?

Anyone else given this one a go? Any thoughts?