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As with everything, sometimes real life just gets in the way. I planned to do weekly updates about my NaNo progress, but somehow between the writing and “real life” stuff, I just haven’t had the time. The good news is that I am currently ahead of target, sitting at 23,703 words. I plan to hit that magic halfway mark tonight, and with any luck, crank out another couple of thousand words to go with it. I say “any luck” because I am currently suffering with a pounding headache that I would just like to go. Of course, taking some painkillers would help in that direction for sure.

Last night I took a night off from the writing and just did a bit of knitting with the TV on in the background. [I’ve been rationing out the last series of Warehouse 13 as I don’t yet have the last series]. Knitting is my #1 hobby – it’s the thing that I do the most, so have definitely been experiencing the withdrawal from it over the last few days. I cast on a new dinosaur [to go with one that I have yet to actually blog about… I’ll write that towards the end of the week I think]. It looks like I’ll be making three of these dinosaurs in total.

I know it sounds utterly ridiculous to have that knitting withdrawal, but it is something that I do each and every day – except November. But it’s okay, because this is also the only time of year that I sit down to write a novel.

This is only a brief update as I still need to write my words for today.

Keep on writing and crafting for sure!