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Ah, November, where have you gone? Drowned in a month of frantic writing, the occasional bit of knitting, and the occasional socialising as well. I have neglected this blog over the last month [I mean, spending time writing that 50,000 word novel doesn’t *always* endear you to spend more time writing a coherent blog…] So I thought I would take some time to recap what November has been like for me.

So, the writing:IMG_0697

NaNoWriMo – I got to 50,000 words. This is great because yay challenge completed, but at the same time I feel disappointment – I really wanted to go the extra mile and maybe have 75,000 or more. Unfortunately, life and work got in the way of the plan [doing about 55-60 hours this week alone quickly snags that idea]. There were the days I had to take off from the writing. I think this is where people may go wrong; taking the day off can make all the difference because it’s like work – if you don’t take that break, it will break you.

Next year I have the opportunity to become an ML for the Kent area, which is really exciting. When we first started doing NaNo back in the day, Nuri and I were “unofficial” ML’s in Canterbury, organising the write ins and the parties. Kent is a big area, so it will be an interesting ride. I love NaNo for the social aspects of it – the writes in are so productive, and the sprint threads in the forums and groups as well.

Overall I’m not too happy with my story – maybe if it was completely reworked it could be something worth while, but at the moment it is very raw, and not entirely coherent. So maybe I’ll work on that in the future [I always say this, but never end up doing anything with it.].

The Knitting:

During November I’ve managed to knit two dinosaurs:


The pattern is called “Tracey Triceratops” from one of the latest issues of Knit Now magazine, and was a fairly easy knit. I’m not convinced my “wrap and turn” stitches are the best, but it’s good enough for these. These are a present for my brother, who has recently had two small children come into his life. I am tempted to make another one for my niece as well as she was in love with the blue one, running around shouting “rawr!”, but that just depends on time between now and Christmas. I want to make my other niece a Sackboy, but don’t have any exciting colours to do it in.

I’ve also finished my latest “Eliza Day Tam”, as my other one, which was my favourite hat I may add, had a mysterious hole appear. It’s mysterious because I thought maybe I had the dreaded moths, but I’ve cleared out the whole section of my bedroom where the hat [and a couple of other woollen products were, including my first OWLs jumper, and the other, very first Eliza Day Tam hat – all of which have had mysterious holes appear] – had no sign of any sort of bugs. Nothing. I threw the two hats out, and was going to do the same with the jumper but my mum wouldn’t let me, despite the risk of those horrid creatures, so it’s sitting isolated in a draw in mums room instead…

I’m really happy with this version of the hat as it’s come out bigger [although, the ribbing is now too big and needs some elastic…  as usual with my hats]. It’s more slouchy as I used Debbie Bliss Rialto DK rather the 4ply that the pattern calls for. I used the Noro from before as well, which has now made three hats and still has over 60gs of yarn left!IMG_0699


I also won a competition with my “Water for the Elephants” socks, which arrived this week. There’s so much stuff there, which I totally wasn’t expected. There’s a Crazy Zauberball [which as I type I realise I’ve probably been pronouncing it wrong since hearing of it…]. There’s a project bad, some stitch makers, some really interesting scissors/yarn cutters that I’m really excited to try out], some patterns, some KnitPro Nova’s 2.5mm DPNs, Addi’s 2.5mm circular, tapestry needles, tape measure… so many things! I can’t wait to try it all out!





I finished reading “Citadel”, which I have previously written about. I think this book influenced my writing, and not in a good way – and when I realised I think I became more disillusioned with my own plot line.

I’ve started with Malala’s autobiography, which is so far an interesting read, but I don’t seem to be making fast progress with it. This lady is so interesting, her views which boil down to the fact that every one deserves an education, and education can change the world. I’m so glad that she won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work, for her to be recognised on a global scale in the manner that she has. More on it when I am finished I am sure.

Well, that’s November in a nutshell, here’s to December, and the challenges it will throw my way.

Take it easy folks,