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Since the end of NaNoWriMo, I don’t feel as though I have really achieved anything. I made these two little critters for two of my favourite people in the world, but didn’t get around to blogging about it:

The pattern is “Voodoo Love Me”, available to buy on Ravelry. It’s a sweet pattern, and a very quick knit, and one of those where I just wish that I could sew/embroider faces better. I love the result, and love how they look together as well. I may a couple more – I’ve got plenty of the sparkly yarn [King Cole “Shine”, listed as a DK weight, but I think it’s more of a fingering/4ply weight if I am honest]. The colour changes were sweet enough though, and ultimately I am glad with how it all turned out. Unlike the next project I attempted:


This is the “Lonely Tree Shawl”. Originally started on 4.5mm needles, but needed to rip back and go up to 6.00 to get any decent size, and once I had started the third chart it was clear that the size I was looking for wouldn’t emerge, so I cast off early and put in the bag that I plan to donate – maybe someone else can make more use of it than I will for sure – it’s big enough to be a small scarf/cowl type so it’s not like it’s not usable at all. Also, I think I may have been missing something as there was no picot edging forming along the sides, so I’m not sure if I was missing an instruction or two somewhere?

I plan to make this again, but with some Countess Ablaze yarn and in the “Elder Tree” form, which is more customisable for size – as in, keep going until you run out, unlike the Lonely Tree. [“Nerds Prefer Their Rainbow’s Darker” if you haven’t heard of this amazing dyer, go check her out! She’s on Ravelry and has her own website!]

I think now that I have advanced through knitting I want my projects to have that more professional touch to them. My favourite project of the last year was definitely my Heliopath vest [wearing it today with pride], and today I bought more yarn to make another in a different colour. I want to be able to wear my creations with pride, which is another reason why I stopped with the Lonely Tree – I was never going to be happy with it, so may as well stop and not be bogged down with it. Today I also got some yarn for my next project [not that I needed any more yarn for sure] which is a shawl/wrap thing. I also plan to remake the Lupin Scarf that I was supposed to send a friend way back in the year, but again, I wasn’t happy with how the finished product looked, so this time I have some Aran weight yarn and will try again.

What I’ve learned is that it’s okay to feel like this. It’s okay to not be happy and to strive for the perfection in my own work. I’m okay with the occasional mistake, but I need to be happy with the final result. One day I plan to design my own things, so learn from the mistakes and all that.

When knitting the “Voodoo” dolls I test drove my new KnitPro [“Knitters Pride?”] Marblz needles that I scored in the Black Friday sales on Amazon. I used the 3.5mm set. To be honest I found them a bit on the flexible side – I’m used to the rigidity of my Symphony wood ones, so it was interesting using them. My mum said to keep them as a display case, but I think I will end up using them, and can definitely see where these would come in handy – say lace knitting and getting into the harder to reach areas/stitches… I think.IMG_0701



I also made this [not so little] critter:

I had bought a pair of KnitPro Nova’s from Amazon to test them out as I have now worn out my 4mm wooden Symphony ones, although the ones I tested were 10.00mm. I enjoyed working with them, although I got the feeling I was working with bullets. They were pretty heavy, and until I got used to them they were quite slippery. But I look forwards to using them again, and making more super!sized items. I will definitely be making another owl for my new house. [Yes, that’s right. NEW. HOUSE. HOLY COW I’M GONNA BE AN ADULT].
During December, as I don’t think I mentioned it before, my prize for the “Water for the Elephants” arrived – and boy, was it big. There was so much stuff included, I don’t think this picture actually fits it all in: [There was a picture already uploaded, so apologies if I’m repeating myself]:

I didn’t realise that I was getting so much stuff! It’s amazing! I now need to find a perfect pattern for the Crazy Zauerball, a yarn that I’ve been wanting to try for some time now.

Lastly, I was browsing Instragram one night, and played a game called #getyouryarnwishesgranted. The aim of the game is to repost with what you wish for, so literally anything yarn related, then go and grant a few wishes yourself. This picture [is sideways] one of the wishes I received – green alpaca and merino lace yarn from Devon Sun Yarns. I granted three in the end, sending some self striping yarn to Texas, and some sock yarn scarps to Australia. And lastly, by buying some patterns from a lady called ObliviousKnits to help fund her mothers social care. She needed to sell 421 patterns, and I think that was achieved in 3 days. The amount of love and generosity in the knitting never fails to amaze me [and, conversely, neither does some of the nastiness that appears on the Ravelry front page forums…]. I’m glad that I’m part of the group that just has so much love to give. I should be receiving one more gift, of some ombre type yarns, which looks really exciting!.
Current book: “A Feast For Crows” which will be finished before the end of the year… I think…