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When I first made my blog is was about the subjects I was studying at university – it was a great revision tool as well. Then it became something more than that – I began writing about the books I was reading, the games I was playing and then the knitting and the creative things like the writing.

One thing that I haven’t written about in a very long time is games. I got a PS3 a while back [like a good few years] but haven’t really been into the gaming side of things really. I replayed all of the Tomb Raider games [the “remakes”], and the releases of Devil May Cry, some Lego games you know?

There’s been that advert that been showing up on my Facebook newsfeed for some clothes. The advert is for clothing from Assassin’s Creed… and to be honest they look awesome. I even ordered a hoody from the website in hope that it’s not some kind of scam, and that it’s of decent quality. It’s from this that I began to um and err about buying one of the games and seeing what it was about – I had decided to leave the buying of it a little while though as I wasn’t sure… then Alex came home with it for me instead!

If you check out this link you can find the hoodies I was talking about: http://assassinshoodies.com/ and if you decide you want a discount I was sent this link so you could get 10% off… http://oberlo.refr.cc/WVK3546 . When I get the hoody I’ll show you all and hopefully encourage the consumer in you haha!

Now me being me, and needing to read/play things in order, we have started with the first game… and what can I say?  It’s awesome. I’m annoyed that it’s something that I haven’t discovered sooner to be honest.

I’m not all that far through it so far but I can already say that I’m addicted. I’ve just completed the Damascus part – so really not that far into it. I know it was made some time ago now, but I think even the graphics have held out and look really awesome.

There was an amusing moment [okay, more than one] yesterday when I was playing some of it and  I had some friends round. The mission was to pickpocket someone – scope them out, stalk them, pickpocket. Simple enough. Not for me… I punched the guy in the face totally by accident, but it was so hilarious it bought tears to my eyes. I don’t think I’ve done another pickpocket mission since, I was too traumatised by my failure.

So I want to spend some time writing about the games I am playing here as well as my other hobbies, and hopefully become more involved in the gaming community – it’s something that was a big part of my life before so it’s time it was again. [I’ve spent most of my life involved with/obsessed with TETRIS… I even watched a documentary about the origins of the game, so yeah… dedication for you]. Also… I’m awesome at TETRIS so there.

I think in order to do this it would be good to get some things across about me and my games.

– My favourite game on PS2 is Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
– My favourite game franchise is Tomb Raider – a lot of my life has been around this series. The second one [Dagger of Xian] is my favourite in the series, but I really enjoyed the rebooted series with Natla – the last one was a bit on the rubbish side though. The reboot was great except that it made me feel motion sick with the wobbly screen effect.
– Devil May Cry: Let’s Rock.
– Little Big Planet. All of them. Love.
– Sonic. Has to be mentioned.
– GTA.

So, I guess the questions are: What are your favourite games? Favourite platforms?

Have you played Assassin’s Creed? If you have what did you think?

I’m sure that there’s plenty that I could talk about in this post but I want to leave it fairly introductory, let me know what you think!