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My last knitting update was back at the end of January, which seems like a really long time ago, but in reality it isn’t. I have finished a few things since then so thought I would share them with you. I usually share them once they’re finished, but I had a couple of birthday presents in the mix so thought I would wait until they had been given out before blogging about them.

I guess the first thing that I want to show is something that I didn’t actually finish. I wanted to learn Double Knitting, which is an interesting technique in itself and was interesting to learn, but I couldn’t stick with the pattern. In this case I think it was a combination of using the wrong type of yarn and the wrong size needles. Also the charts I was reading from were pretty small which made things a bit difficult.



With this one, which was supposed to be a scarf, I decided to complete the deer section, and work a couple of blank rows and then cast off. If there’s something that I’ve learned it’s to not stick with a project that you know isn’t going well, or that you aren’t enjoying. This was just one of those. The end result was okay looking, but I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this square that’s left.

In other news, I made a friend a minion iPad cover during February for her birthday. This was a really easy pattern to follow, from the designer of the minion toys that I was making some time ago. I was concerned that it wouldn’t be big enough, but when I measured it it was actually quite roomy. This knit made me really happy actually, and was the reason I definitely decided to not continue with the deer double knitting scarf. IMG_0851
Lastly, I remade my “Water for the Elephants” socks, the first pair I made back in October were too small for my Mum, so I decided after the failure of the above mentioned scarf, I would make these as I knew that I would be able to make these without a problem. I used some Hobbycraft Smooth and Silky, Women’s Institute yarn, in a sport weight rather than sock weight yarn. This meant that the socks grew much quicker. The only downside was that because the yarn was bigger I couldn’t fully complete the pattern on the foot, so it ends a little abruptly. But I’m really happy with the result, and Mum loves them too. She said that they keep her feet nice and toasty warm, which is certainly a plus!
Before I sign off this blog for the day, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the yarn I’m using for my next project:

This is CountessAblaze yarn, in the colour way “Nerds Prefer Their Rainbows Darker”. It’s beautiful. I am making an Elder Tree Shawl, and would love to take a picture, but it doesn’t look like much at the moment.
I shall update soon about this project!

What are you making at the moment?