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It’s done! My first ever foray into the realms of crochet [I don’t count my previous attempts at granny squares as they didn’t ever amount to anything]. I’ve been saying for an age that I’ve wanted to try crochet, but it seems even more alien than when I first started knitting.

When I saw this pattern I knew that I had to pick up that hook once more and give it a go – and having plenty of stashed acrylic was even better as I am trying [and mostly failing] to get through some of my stash yarn. I wouldn’t say I have a lot, but there’s certainly enough to be going on with.

When I first decided to make it I also needed a break from my current knitting project, as the small needles/sock yarn were making my hands hurt.

I choose a pinky/purple of Hayfield DK Bonus as I had a full ball of it and obviously wasn’t sure how much I would need, and how much would go wrong. Luckily, I didn’t have to re-do any of the appendages at all, and most of the undoing was usually at the beginning when making the foundation chain. There was also an instance of me accidentally going the wrong way after setting down the body, then going back to it after a small break… I think I ended up ripping back two or three rounds, but nothing drastic. Oh, and I also had to rip back on one of the wings as the shaping went a bit wrong as well.

I did the hair following this tutorial.

It’s a bit time consuming but I like how it looks, so it was certainly worth it. The only thing that I’m not sure on the colours of the hair…. maybe I should have chosen something else? I don’t know, what do you think?

So here are a few pictures of the finished object:


What do you think of my first ever crochet? I think I’m in love with it a bit! She needs a name… any suggestions?

Keep on crafting!