It’s the eve before the General Election here in the UK. The future of the UK is in our hands, the very basis of democracy in action. We go to the booths, we chose a party to lead us [and a whole bunch of others to run local and town councils] and hopefully at the end of it all we have a single party that can competently run the country for the next five years.

How do you choose who to vote for?

Last time round it was very simple for me. I voted for the party that I most related to, and agreed with. This time? I am not so sure. It’s the eve of the general election, and whilst I have a good idea of who I am going to vote for I can’t help but think when I get into the booth tomorrow morning that I will have a completely different thought.

I wouldn’t say I hold strong views on many things; except that we should do our democratic duty to go out and vote, and that we shouldn’t waste those votes. There are parties that I think should be wiped out, and am praying that the general public see sense and DON’T vote for protest parties like UKIP. UKIP have gained a lot of media coverage, not too dissimilar to the the BNP in the 2000’s, and here’s hoping that they go the same way into obscurity.

Of the three main parties I would consider myself a Liberal Democrat… but this year? Are they really the party I want to vote for? I like Nick Clegg. His “mean tweets” skit was also pretty hilarious. I think that they have done a great job supporting the Conservatives, who themselves I think have done well; to the point that I can say I have noticed the difference from a financial point of view. We saved money buying our home – we were going through the process of buying our little flat AS this new policy came into play, and we literally saved money overnight, the difference in my pay… I can see that difference, and that difference counts. But is it enough for me to vote for them tomorrow morning?

I think, out of all the issues that have been raised over the last six weeks or so; the NHS [a British institution that people do want to protect, but something that is also in need of *good* reform], immigration [listen, immigration needs a lot of research rather than being based on hearsay, people are under the impression that it’s out of control because we accept those in need; when people talk about immigration into our country they very rarely talk about the people leaving the country… and the industry I am in is pretty much held up by immigration; I wish when people spoke about this “issue” that they had the facts, and not the based their thoughts and feelings off things that they’ve read on Facebook, or through the biased media outlets.

Another question: Europe… the debates are strong and the question is simple… supposedly. In, or out? Personally, I’m in. The world is developing into three distinct common/single markets. South East Asia, Latin America and Europe. Surely, this alone would suggest that we should stay in Europe? Not only that, but I believe that it would genuinely be better if we stayed in, so do I vote for a party that wants the referendum? Do I vote for the party that would take on the Euro more quickly than the others? [Something that I *wouldn’t* want to do!]

So the question is… what party can appeal the greatest number of policies to this voter? I don’t know. But come tomorrow I will have to make that decision, to take part in the election and do my democratic duty.

This link is quite useful:

I hope you do to, reader, think about who you want to vote for, and why. Please don’t just go for the protest vote. Every vote counts, and yours does too.