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I’m not sure if you will have noticed but I haven’t been blogging so much recently, mainly because the books I have been reading have been the Sailor Moon manga, which were re-released in English around 2012. This series had a huge influence on me when I was growing up, I still remember the first episode I watched on Fox Kids when I was about 12. (Which was one of very many, many re-runs. I watched the same two episodes so many times in that one day it was unreal). When I first started re-reading I thought I was going to blog after each individual volume, but didn’t. Then I decided I would do it at the end of each arc, but the books and the arcs didn’t marry up how I would have liked to write about it. The same at the 6 book mark… so I decided to write one book once I had finished the main 12 volumes so I could share my feelings. One of the reasons I needed to finish the series is because this coming Sunday I am cosplaying at MCN London at Sailor Venus with my friend Erin who is playing Sailor Jupiter. I thought I ought to finish the main storyline before then. I really loved reading this series again. From the innocence in the beginning of our reluctant heroine, to the badass warrior that fails to fall even when all the odds are stacked against her in the final volumes. The Sailor scouts story is both liberating – having female warriors battling the forces of evil, the liberalism and the fight for love, justice and peace – it’s refreshing from some of the rubbish that is around at the moment. I like the fact that there things like same sex relationships are okay, and not questioned, and the same with transgender [the Stars, for instance] and even Sailor Uranus was hinted [although never really explored] as an hermaphrodite. There are hints that Saturn and Chibi-Usa have a relationship, which made my heart swell a little bit. I wish that there had been more screen time for the other sailor scouts. I feel as though maybe they could have had more of their own stories, as they seem really quite secondary to Sailor Moon, and only there to further the plot; mainly to die in most cases, before being revived by a newly supped up Sailor Moon. Sailor Cosmos; I love this concept, and the artwork around her. Whilst most people seemed to dislike Chibi-Usa, she is actually one of my favourite characters, and her story arc is definitely my favourite, even though it seems a bit rushed. I liked the concept of Dark Lady, and somehow feel as though other characters “evil” could have been explored as well? I don’t know, I think I’m just rambling here! I don’t really know how to fully express my love for this series, so rather than ramble for pages and pages, I’ll leave it here and hope that you discover some Sailor Moon love in your life! Take it easy folks, and look out for a blog in the near future of me playing Sailor V! [The wig I have is AMAZING]. Kialtho