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Between working on my Sailor Venus cosplay for the May 2015 London Expo I was also working on a pattern from “Knit Now” called “A Floral Affair”. This is a vest top with a pretty flower motive in the central panel that runs all the way until the ribbing; such a simple and easy knit. I’ve loved working on the pattern, and always find it a bit daunting when no one else has made the pattern, like in this case, because I don’t always trust myself in finding/seeing mistakes before I’ve knit them… like in this case as well.

I used my favourite acrylic yarn – the Women’s Institute’s “Soft and Silky” 4 ply [it’s actually thicker than that, it’s a “sport” weight yarn, which is another reason why I like it – affordable and able to be used in more American-esque patterns]. They have a great range of colours as well! I made sure to match the lot numbers on this project as well as there was a distinct difference in the colours on the shelf.

It’s taken so long to come together as I’ve been dedicating time to the sewing [oh, look at my new patterns! I hope that I can make these!].
I would love how this particular knit turned out if the central motif was actually in the centre. I’m not sure if it’s something that I did wrong, or whether there was an instruction in the pattern missing [like knit five stitches THEN work the arm shaping]. The number of stitches left was correct, so I don’t know. Anything’s possible.

That being said, I love this magazine, and it produces some stella patterns so won’t let that put me off at all.

Here are a few photo’s of the finished item:
Keep on crafting!