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Have you been to the Pines? Where Paradise is Home.

I don’t typically write about films or TV shows, although there have been times when I have when a production has particularly made me want to write about it. The same can be said about Wayward Pines, a creepy little village where nothing is quite as it seems and everyone is under surveillance.

Directed by M. Night Shyamalan we are introduced to a CIA agent with a history of adultery and failed cases. Or at least on failed case that impacts his every move from then on in. His name is Ethan Burke, with a wife, Theresa, and son, Ben. They play happy families until Ethan is sent to investigate a series of disappearances including two other CIA agents, leading him ultimately to the secluded township of Wayward Pines. Along the way he has an accident and ends up in the hospital with no wallet, no phone and no real way to contact the outside world. There’s a strange, ice cream obsessed Sheriff out to get him and a rotting body in an abandoned house. Oh, and his former CIA partner with whom he had the affair.

All is not well in the Pines. And just why can’t anyone leave?

I watched the first two episodes of this series a couple of weeks back, having recorded it on the DVR. Sometimes, with new things, it takes me a long time to get around to watching/doing them, and I think I delayed with this one as I didn’t want to be freaked out/disappointed. I thought I would give a couple of episodes a go, and see if I had any weird dreams [weird dreams about a TV series usually puts me off]. All was good, and on Friday I binge watched the remainder. At only 10 episodes, it’s not really a great deal of time.

Also: I just WANT TO KNOW what was going on.

Being as though the director was Shyamalan there was going to be some sort of twist, and that happened at around the 5th episode. And I tell you, it’s not what I was expecting. Even after the big reveal, I was still expecting something else, like SURPRISE SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. Shyalaman pulled it off nicely, and certainly kept the guessing game through until the end. And the ending!

As I’ve searched around the internet for more information about this series – such as the fact that it was based on a book trilogy [duly downloaded part one] I see that the thing that angers most people about the whole series is the very ending. I don’t want to spoil it at all, so I won’t say anything except that fact that I liked it. This, at it’s heart, is a dystopian tale, and keeping alongside traditional dystopian ideals… we’re not quite granted our ending as we would have liked. This makes me love the series even more, and wonder if even they could make a second one. I don’t think it’s likely to be honest, but there’s plenty of room to play with there. Maybe a secret society, rebels and the such like.

If you want to be creeped out a bit, want questions after questions and a what the hell kind of story, I would definitely recommend this. I believe all the lose ends are tied up and the story made sense once we know what’s going on…  I would recommend.

Have you seen this series? What did you think?