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I haven’t posted a knitting update for a while, but fear not! I have been busy, and I have a couple of projects to share with you.

Firstly, I want to share a Sackboy! This is for my brother. I held some chunky Sidar click double with some King Cole DK Shine [it could also be called Dazzle?]. Whilst I liked the effect of the fabric, I forgot how awkward holding yarn together is… which is ridiculous when it comes to talking about my next project, which started life a while ago as a DK-held together type project.

I’m quite happy with Sackboy, I love that he’s doing a pose from the game, even if it was unintentional, and his smile doesn’t look *too* creepy here. I think if I were to change anything I would consider giving him some bigger eyes… maybe. I hope my brother likes him :)
I started the Lupin Scarf sometime last year, but didn’t like how the first one turned out, and it really wasn’t good enough to give away. This is much better; it’s made from Aran weight soft and silky, and used nearly the whole skein. The remainder when on making a kitty hat! This is a lovely brand to use, this particular skein did have a lot of fluff on it though! The colour of this picture doesn’t really do it justice – it’s a red that I can’t really describe, but it’s a red that everyone that’s seen the yarn has commented on at some point about it’s depth. Maybe a ruby red could be one way of describing it!
IMG_1409 IMG_1411
The story behind this scarf is thus: my friend was admitted to hospital a year ago to have some emergency  surgery on his back so I said I would make a him a scarf… it’s only a year later but I finally managed to make good on this promise. I just hope he likes it! [I do believe I also promised some sort of cheesecake… so ought to make good on that too].

This is the kitty hat I mentioned. It’s exactly the same yarn as the Lupin Scarf, but as you can see even a slightly different light can change how the red looks! I’m not quite sure why I made the hat, but why not, eh?
I’ve sort of made a decision on my next project as well, so the needles won’t be bare for long! I’m thinking the Nightingale Socks…. I’ve been putting them off for a very long time!

What’s on your needles at the moment?