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It’s taken about six weeks but may I present to you my Nightingale Socks! This is one of those patterns that I discovered quite early on that thought I would never be able to make. It’s been in my Ravelry queue for such a long time. I’ve had the yarn available for a long time as well. You may [or may not] remember that I made the Water for the Elephant socks a while back, and it hit me quite recently… why couldn’t I make this pattern? I’m not sure what put me off committing to it, but I decided to take the plunge and viola! Here they are!


Because they’re so long it did seem to take a while to finish one, but even so at three weeks per sock that’s not too bad going. Incidentally, my next project is in chunky yarn and already the difference in how quickly the project has grown seems insane.

I have a couple of niggles with how I finished the project though. I didn’t realise when I bought the yarn how dark the dark sections are, so they blend in with the the dark background colour a little too well. If I happened to make them again – I have enough of the Noro to do so – then I would go for a white background colour instead. The background colour is Regia fading 4ply.

I also need to work on the carrying tension when switching between the colours, in some places this seems just a little too tight. But then, that’s not unusual for me, no matter how hard I try to ease the tension!

Anyway, over all I’m happy with the outcome, especially considering it’s a project I’ve been wanting to make in a long time!

What’s on your needles at the moment?