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Yesterday I had my parents over for dinner. I knew what I would be making – a ramen soup, sourced from the Slimming World recipe book [zero syns!], as I knew that it was a winning dish. But I also wanted to have something to go with it, something that was new and tasty. Something that I hadn’t tried before. I also knew that my dad wanted to try teriyaki chicken, so seemed like a good enough time to try it. The good news about this recipe is that it doesn’t actually require all that much stuff, and I think I only needed to buy one ingredient for the whole dish…. it should have been two but I sort of forgot about it.

So here’s the recipe. I found it online, but I really don’t remember the link [if you recognise it, link me up and I’ll give the credit where it’s due]. The key thing for me in finding this recipe is that I didn’t want to put alcohol in my cooking. I don’t drink alcohol as I’m not a fan of the taste, and as such didn’t want that in my dish. This recipe was the only one I found that didn’t have the sake in it.

•    4 chicken breast, chopped/cubed
•    4 fluid oz honey
•    4 fluid oz teriyaki sauce
•    1 tbsp soy sauce
•    1 tbsp minced garlic
•    ½ tsp. black pepper
•    ¼ tsp. Salt
•    Sesame seeds to taste


–>  Cut the chicken into pieces and put into a bowl. Add all the ingredients and mix together. Use your hands to massage into the chicken and to make sure that everything is covered.
–> Put everything into a large saucepan and cook on a medium heat. It will look a bit weird, a bit watery, but have the faith, this is going to be awesome. Make sure to stir occasionally otherwise it may stick to the side of the saucepan. You also need to make sure that the chicken is actually cooking – this is something that I’m really paranoid about. After about 10 minutes, turn up the heat – cut a couple of chicken pieces to make sure there’s no pink and it’s cooked properly!
–> Keep cooking on the high heat. It will take a little while [about 15/20 minutes from the start of cooking] but the sauce will start to darken and thicken, and to stick to the chicken as well. At this point add your sesame seeds if your using.
–> Check once more to make sure chicken is cooked and dish up!

The way that I’ve seen this dish served is over rice a bit like a curry, but I haven’t tried that. I used this as a side dish to the ramen which went down a treat! I left mine on the heat for a little too long, which meant that the sauce was very sticky and tasty, but it should be a little running rather than entirely sticky.

I hope that you enjoy this, it was super tasty to eat! Let me know if you make and what you thought of it!