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I finished this hat at the beginning of the week, but it was only yesterday that I remembered I hadn’t written about it – I wanted to because there were some things I wanted to write about, more specifically about the pattern itself rather than the final product.

The hat itself turned out okay in the end, and it’s super slouchy as well. I used the Women’s Institute Soft and Silky, which used a little less than about 2/3rd of a ball. I think I may have enough left for what I originally planned for that yarn as well, which would be cool. I couldn’t find a button that I really wanted to put on, so stuck with a butterfly button. The button band is a little on the big side, so may end up threading some elastic through it to tighten it up a bit… I end up usually doing this on every hat I make.IMG_1607

The problem I had with making this was more to do with the pattern itself. I found that the pattern was a bit.. cluttered, or perhaps, just not well set out. It included both written and charted instructions, which is great for those knitters who can’t read charts and those that prefer them. I found that the chart was a little big really considering there was so much blank space for plain knitting. There was also sections of the cable chart that were blank, and the key for that section was also blank so I had to refer to the written instructions on more than one occasion to find out which stitch I needed to be making. IMG_1606

I made a mistake on every cable repeat on the button band, which was really annoying as well. If it wasn’t a case of making the wrong leaning cable to not cabling at all… I felt like part of this was also to do with the sheer amount of different cables available/required on the chart key…

There are a few other things to note about this pattern that aren’t mentioned in it, but probably should be. I mean, I’ve been knitting almost solidly for about three years now and I still had to seek help in the Ravelry forums regarding this: The pattern calls for a cable to made on the reverse/purl side of the work. When doing this, you purl from the cable needle… I think my first cable was done incorrectly because of this. The other thing that isn’t mentioned is regarding the slipped stitches. I think it maybe a bit more obvious to someone who makes patterns with slipped stitches more, but the yarn needs to be in the back of the work. At this point though you’re purling, so it isn’t exactly clear.

Overall I’m happy with the hat, but certainly felt that the pattern could have done with clearing up a bit. I probably wouldn’t make another on, if I am honest.

Keep on crafting,