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Having been woken up somewhat unreasonably early, having completed my first late shift in I’m not sure how many years, I thought it was time to catch up the blogosphere with a couple of my knits from the last few weeks. I did mean to write sooner, but life just gets in the way! Next year [I know, I probably say this every year] but I plan to write so much more from next year – if you get my meaning.

This year, in terms on knits, I think has been a good one. I’m not going to recap it here – I’ll save that for another post – but I wanted to share with you a new Hitchhiker:


I wanted a mindless project whilst I made up my mind for what was next. I have a lot of fingering weight yarn [is it wrong that I always laugh at the term? Is it just a British thing to laugh at things that sound a little bit dirty?]… so anyway I have a lot of fingering weight yarn but only one or two skeins of each, which I sometimes feel limits what I can do. Most of it is crazy colours like GnomeAcres Polyjuice Potion, CountessAblaze’s Pondscum, There’s lots of hand dyed yumminess in there! In fact most of my fingering weight yarn is of the hand dyed variety. I also wasn’t sure whether I wanted a big project or a small one… so settled on Hitchhiker, using my go to yarn The Women’s Institute from Hobbycraft. I love this yarn, it’s soft, silky and has a beautiful drape when knitted up. For this Hitchhiker I used a teal and alternated it every two rows with a multicoloured that has splashes of pinks, yellows, purples and blues in it. I think because I did it this way its caused the scarf to have more of a curl to it, but I love the end result, and it will be making it’s way to a new home just outside of London shortly.

Whilst I was making the scarf I decided that I wanted to make ‘The Doodler”, this years MKAL by Stephen West. To be perfectly honest I don’t like many of his designs at all, but seeing other peoples progress definitely turned me onto this. It’s just beautiful. I had a set of three yarns that I got from a Cuddlebums market night a couple of years ago [it must be about that now, shocking!] it’s like these colours were just waiting for this project:

I’m going to rename my project on Ravelry to “Khaleesi’s Doodler” or something though as I’m knitting it up it’s just reminding me of the Mother of Dragons – the colours, the design and whatnot. It probably doesn’t help that I’m reading the final book in the series [so far].
Before I committed to making my Doodler, I had to make an Olaf:

He was part of a free kit with the KnitNow Magazine, which to be honest is the only knitting magazine I like, despite the occasional mistakes [usually in the patterns that I make, but hey ho these things happen!]. I sewed his eyes on because the eyes that were included were supposed to be sew on eyes, but I think they may actually be stick on with glue type eyes. The yarn was actually quite nice to work with as well so am quite happy with how he turned out. I’m sure I’ll be making more in the future.

Today though, I will be Dooddling along and petting my project because it’s just so darn beautiful.

What’s on your needles?


*finally edited out the typos, I’m sorry! I wrote this while being very tired. I hope I didn’t make your eyes bleed!!*