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This year I’m aiming once more to hit the magical 40 book figure in my GoodReads reading challenge, something that I’ve tried and failed to do for the last few years. I feel like 40 should be an achievable target, and certainly would be if reading was the only, and main, hobby that I had. I write, usually in November, do some photography, and knit. A lot. Knitting takes up a phenomenal amount of time, especially when I get so into a pattern that I forget about time itself. Mind you, that also happens when I read as well, so…

Whilst I am aiming to read the above mentioned 40 books, I also want to “read harder” this year.  There are several challenges I’ve seen on the internet, like those from BookRiot, but the challenge list didn’t interest me so much – I’m not picky about the authors I chose, and don’t simply want to limit what I will or will not read – so that wasn’t going to work for me. Then a friend tagged me in this challenge:


And I thought that it would be the perfect challenge. There are books on my shelf that could tick off more than a couple of those boxes, so thought that this would be a great way to read harder this year. There are also some that I’m not too sure on what I’ll be reading, so it will be a good way to think about what I could potentially be reading.

Is there a reading challenge that you’re doing this year? Would you consider doing one? This is my first!