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I saw the “30 Disney Questions” tag on JennyinNeverland’s blog last night and thought I would take a stab at it, more so to see how good my knowledge of Disney was. [Turns out I had to get a list from Wikipedia to tell me the names of some of the films… how embarrassing!]

When I was a kid I hated Disney on principle. The house was covered in Disney, and it was shoved down my throat like no mans business – once I had moved out at 13 I didn’t watch a Disney film for a long time. It wasn’t actually until I went to university did I start enjoying it again. But I don’t watch them all that often. Except Frozen, because it’s just awesome.

1. Favourite Character

There’s just too many to choose from! Elsa, Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Genie, Ralph…? It’s too hard to pick, so I’ll just leave a selection up there!

2. Favourite Princess

Enchanted’s Giselle. Her transformation from Princess to a “real” person, her ability to deal with the situation she was in with hope and grace all the way through, plus her songs were really neat.


3. Favourite Heroine

Anna. I know she’s a princess as well, but she took complete responsibility for the actions of Elsa, even though it wasn’t really her fault, and tried to right the wrongs of her sister. Throughout Frozen she accepts the burdens of her sister all the way through to the end when she faces off against Hans.

4. Favourite Prince

I guess Prince Ali counts – he eventually gets made a prince, right?

5. Favourite Hero

Jack Sparrow – I guess he’s more of an anti-hero, but he’s awesome all the same. His drunken, reluctant hero-ing, and determination to get his ship back, and general humour makes him a re-watchable character again and again. The downside to this film was Keira Knightly. [Did I say that?].


6. Favourite Animal

Dumbo – it was always my Mum’s favourite Disney film, and that definitely rubbed off on me.

7. Favourite Sidekick

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-it Ralph. She was a spunky character, and despite being glitchy she was positive about the outcome of both her race, and Ralph’s fate.

8. Favourite Villain

Jaffa. Ties in with the fact that my favourite film is Aladdin.

9. Favourite Original Character

Aladdin – it’s my favourite animated Disney, so it’s only fair that the tattered prince takes this place.

10. Favourite Love Song

“How Does She Know?” I know this isn’t quite like “A Whole New World”, but I liked the fact that this song was completely about love, between two characters that weren’t in love at the time. Plus, if you don’t show someone that you love them, how do they know?

11. Favourite Song

“Let It Go”. I know that Frozen is the biggest grossing Disney film to date, and I know that people are also probably fed up with it, but this song, more than many of the others holds a lot of meaning for me. I used to sing it a lot at work because I couldn’t express myself in the way that I wanted. Definitely could related to the “conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show” lyric. Work for me was tough, and channelling this song helped alleviate it a bit. Since I’ve been in my new job I’ve not sung it once. I know this is a silly association for a song – being as though we used to sing a whole variety of Disney songs in the cafe, I think the message is important – be yourself,don’t hide it, and definitely, definitely, just let it go.

12. Favourite Villain Song

How can we have a villain’s song and not mention Hocus Pocus? Hocus Pocus was, and still is, my favourite Halloween film, closely followed by Nightmare Before Christmas. The witches rendition of “I Put A Spell on You” always amuses me, especially as the kids mother was dressed a Madonna at the time.

13. Least Favourite Song

I don’t really recall any songs that I didn’t really like.

14. Favourite Kiss

Beauty and the Beast, I think. I loved that Belle was able to save Beast from himself.

15. The First Movie You Saw

This is a hard one to answer. I know as a kid I saw Bambi in the cinema, and cried my eyes out at the death of Bambi’s mum, but I must have seen others before this. Plus, whilst I know this event happened, I don’t remember actually seeing the film. I would probably have to declare Fantasia as the first, and to this day it’s still a favourite. Those dancing mushrooms always cheered me up!

16. Favourite Classic

I think I’ll say Fantasia here as well!

17. Song That Always Gets Stuck in Your Head

Hakuna Matata, or Prince Ali. We sung these so many times at work that they would get stuck for days at a time.

18. Favourite Pixar Film

A Bugs Life – Princess Atta was awesome, and I had toys of her and Flik

19. Least Favourite Pixar Film

This is a hard question to answer because I don’t really think there are ones that I don’t really like?

20. Favourite Sequel

I don’t think I have one. I’ve been looking through the lists of Disney films, but I can’t say that a favourite one is really jumping out at me. Possibly, at a push, something from the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but I love that more for the music than the films?

21. Overrated Movie

National Treasure, perhaps? I enjoyed them, but they were a bit silly… give me Indiana Jones any day!

22. Underrated Movie

Big Hero 6. I think this was released around the same time as Frozen, or least, it was completely swamped by Frozen.

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh

Wreck-it Ralph comes straight to mind, and Up. Definitely a toss up between the two. Up had Kevin, and the dogs…. you know what? Up wins this round!

24. Movie That Makes You Cry

The Rescuers used to make me cry every time, especially at the point of the song “Don’t cry little one.” I wanted to be rescued as a kid, and would definitely wish upon a star to get there!

25. The Saddest Scene from Your Favourite Movie

Mufasa’s death – when Simba realises what’s happened, and that it was his fault – heartbreaking! There used to be this awesome music video on YouTube that took Nightwish’s “Nemo”, removed all the elements except the vocals and piano, and it was the most haunting, heart wrenching version of that scene that I’ve ever seen. I’m certain that I’ll remember that one forever.

26. Saddest Death

Has to be Mufasa’s, right?

27. Favourite Quote

“When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming!” – Dory, Finding Nemo. “Just Keep Swimming” is definitely a life motto!

28. Favourite Theme Park

I know I went to Orlando as a kid but to be perfectly honest I’ve blocked a lot of my childhood out of my memory [sorry for the brief downer! It got a million times better when I turned 13!] I couldn’t tell you whereI went, or what I did. I’d like to go to the Paris one, to see what it’s like.

29. Favourite Theme Attraction

N/A – I’ve never been to a Disney show. I think.

30. Favourite Theme Park Show

N/A – I’ve never been to a Disney show. I think.