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It’s been such a busy time of it lately that my blog has been rather sadly neglected. Finding the time to do anything – read, knit, even going to the gym – has been a bit of a hit and miss. I blogged the other day about a book I got free from NetGalley, which was cool that I got a free book, but it was a bad book… so I’m not sure if/how that balances out. Because it was from NetGalley I was able to read it on my break at work on my iPad, but it wasn’t the book that I wanted to be reading! I’m almost half way through “Winter” but it’s such a big book that reading and eating at the same time is pretty much impossible.

I thought I would take a little time out this morning to update the blog and some of the things that have been going on lately, although, I’m not really sure where to start. Can you believe that it’s the middle of March already?

Hmm… I know. I finished my second ever crochet project this week! Again, finding the time to do it has been hard, I think I started it in the middle of February. It’s a Virus Shawl, crocheted in Wollmeise yarn, colour way “True Love”. It’s a love blend of colours, and I remember where I picked it up from and everything [Loop, London, a good couple of years ago]. I picked up a crochet needle from John Lewis on my way back from a course in Milton Keynes [nightmare journey. What should have been something like 2 hours turned into travel chaos]. That was also the first time that I had ever sat in a restaurant and had dinner by myself.
I got carried away with the crochet and the disaster struck [drama!]. The hook had developed a snag, and not sure when I was going back to John Lewis in Bluewater – the nearest one to me that does the knitting/KnitPro stuff I like – I ordered a replacement from Amazon, and then had to wait about 2 weeks it to turn up. In the mean time I started a new knitting project. When I do have time to sit and chill, I like to keep my hands busy.
This is the final product:
IMG_1800 IMG_1801

It still needs blocking, so am hoping to do that next week. There were mistakes in the project for sure, and there was a definite learning curve. The yarn was just the right size skein, and even had an extra 13g to it! When I weighed it before starting there was 163g! Amazing.

I used a video to help me get through this, at least to begin with. Once the four main repeats were committed to memory it was as easy as pi. I also found a written version of the pattern as well, which was also great for reference.

So that was my big project of the last small while. Other things happened as well:

– I got a new car! I said a sad goodbye to Luna, my Fiat 500 as it was time to move on to something with a bit more power. I got myself a Limited Edition Vauxhall Corsa, which has power and boot space! I’m not entirely sure how Limited they are though as I seem to see them everywhere now! I’ve only had her a couple of weeks and have nearly done 450 miles though. *sad face*
– Alex had to go in for knee surgery, so have been ferrying him around. He’s off work at the moment recovering.
– I had one of my wisdom teeth out this week. My face hurts.
– I went to dinner with Alex and my parents at the new Turkish restaurant in town. It was amazing. I really want to go back there already!
– I started my new role in my new site. That’s what has been taking up most of my time, and eating into my knitting/crafting/reading time. I’ve been doing a lot of late shifts, which I didn’t really do before, but it’s good. It’s busy! And it’s a job so I’m not going to complain too loudly.

I really feel as though there’s more that’s been going on, and I’m sure that there is, it’s just that’s what has sprung to mind so far!

I’ll leave it there for today, and hope to update you all soon on Winter, and my current knitting project!

Take it easy folks,