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When I was driving around today I had a thought about whether there’s an Industrial or EBM DAB radio station. Chances are slim, to be honest, so when I got home I loaded up my MacBook and searched for some online music instead. Kerrang Radio is okay, but not always what I’m looking for. The same with Classic FM. Sometimes you want something that bit more aggressive, and with the iPod not plugged in today, I had to make do.

When I checked my blog I was a bit shocked, and a little ashamed, to realise that I hadn’t written recently, especially considering I have some knitted exploits to share! I’m making progress on my most recent book as well, but this year does not seem to be the year that I am going to hit that 40 books a year target. I should have read ten by now, and I’m only on the fifth. Perhaps next year, then.

So: Knitting. I have one complete project to share with you, and that would be my knitted Bramblewood Vest. I loved working on this because it’s the sort of pattern that reminds of something that my Nana would wear, especially if it was a tweedy blue or a tweedy red. It sort of makes me feel a bit closer to her by having made it. It’s made in the Hayfield Bonus Aran, which is the same yarn I made my Heliopath Vest in, so know that this is a good yarn and will stand up to the test of time. The yarn itself just seems to go on forever as well.IMG_7798

IMG_7799The pattern itself was easy to follow, which was great as it was my first ever top down project – although I’m not sure if I like the way that the top of the shoulders look. I know there’s no changing that, it’s just the type of construction, but still….

The overall fit is pretty good as well, considering I (didn’t) really pay attention to gauge/tension. I’m totally happy to admit that I’m a winger when it comes to make projects that require tension swatches…. ain’t nobody got time for that! In all seriousness though… I know I should pay attention but that side of knitting bores me. I want to just dive right in!

In regards to this project the only thing that I need to change is the icord edging around the arm holes. The way I’ve finished it has made them too tight, and the arms weren’t exactly the biggest shaped arms I’ve come across – so these will have to be unpicked and knit up in some ribbing stitch instead. I know that it does fit as I tried it on before adding that icord edge, so it’s definitely that that’s causing the issue there. It’s just finding the motivation to unpick the icord!

My next project is “A Hap for Harriet” by Kate Davies. The pattern is simple, and well executed which is what I needed for this one as it’s my first time using lace weight yarn. It does feel like it’s going to take some time to make it all the way to the cast off edge, but so far I have completed 15 “teeth” (for lack of better words) which I think equates to about 13 pattern repeats plus the two set up repeats. I like the fact that this pattern bases the yarn on percentage of what’s left rather than set measurements in the pattern as it means tension isn’t so much of an issue, and means that I can use as much of my 1000 metres of yarn to it’s full potential! Although, again at 15 teeth and only 96 grams used, this may take a while. My original skein had 106g of yarn, so it’s not so bad when put like that! I’m using Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in this most brilliant cherry red colour. It’s one of those colours that I just can’t seem to capture adequately on camera!

IMG_7801The last thing that I have to share with you is that I dyed some of my own yarn! Amazing! Before the end of last year I bought some KnitPicks bare… Stroll I think. I really just wanted to have a go, plus it made the order I wanted be over the free shipping price so it was like it was meant to be. These are the two outcomes:

IMG_7800They were made with KoolAid – conveniently sold in one of those USA imported sweet shops in town. And the little sachets are on offer so I had to stock up some for sure. When I first bought some though I wasn’t really sure what I was buying, so ended up with lots of different colours which explains the yellow/blue/purple one. My favourite one is the green and pink, and it’s screaming at me that it wants to be socks, and I even have an inkling as to what that pattern may be as well.

In other news in my life – remember my pretty new car from March first? Well… someone scratched it. I don’t know whether it was on purpose, or an accident or something like that. I’m of the view that someone has keyed it. It went in for it’s repair last week and is looking all shiny and new again! Which is great, except that she is also a bit dirty because you know, having a black car on these UK roads means that she will be dirty within about five minutes of being cleaned!

Anyway, that’s all for now folks, I hope to have another blog entry for you soon! I’m over halfway finished with my current book – The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Escaped (or something like that), so I look forward to writing about that soon.

Take it easy folks,