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As well as finishing and blogging about my book this week (Welcome to Night Vale), I also managed to finish my first ever lace weight yarn project. I’ve made projects using lace stitches before, but I’ve never actually used lace weight yarn.
The project that I chose for this was “A Hap For Harriet” by Kate Davies. When it was first published however long ago I knew that I wanted to make it, and it didn’t take long for me to choose some Fyberspates yarn to go along with it. The yarn was something I had wanted to try for a while as well, so it seemed like a win-win situation.


The pattern is well written, and doesn’t take long to memorise what needs to be done where such as the increases, decreases and knowing instinctively what part of the chart you’re on for the lace section. The construction is really great two, working side to side, and the last 25 stitches the only section that has any lace in it. I thought this was an excellent foray into using lace yarn as it meant that I only really had to concentrate on those 25 stitches rather than a complex all over pattern.

I did something like 24 increase sections, 20 centre repeats, and then 26 decrease sections, accelerating the decrease slightly otherwise it wouldn’t have balanced out very well. It’s extremely wide for sure, even though I haven’t measured the wingspan as of yet. The drop isn’t too bad either, sitting about the top/middle of my back (if that makes sense! I really should just measure it!).

It took a little over a month to make this, working on it most days. The wider it got it certainly took longer to make, each repeat taking about an hour. It was super exciting when getting to the decrease and seeing that each section was just taking that bit quicker to get through. Of course, it meant that I wanted to spend longer and longer completing each section, even though I knew that I wouldn’t actually be able to finish in one sitting.
Incidentally the Fyberspates yarn I used was one of the first I wound using my yarn winder that Alex got me for Christmas last year – I wanted to see if it could do it, and I was impressed with it all round.
My next project is a couple of market bags, and hopefully they won’t take the month or so that this one did!

What are you working on at the moment?