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After the length of time that it took me to make my Command Scarf – which in hindsight could also have been called A Hap for Janeway, which suits the original name of the project better, I wanted a nice, quick and easy project. I choose to make a market bag as I love the idea of the reusable bags, and even though I have enough plastic and long life bags – they’re still plastic and that’s where my problem lies. I know I use acrylic yarn for a lot of projects, but this I don’t mind which seems ridiculous as I like less and less the idea of plastic bags.


So I made some market bags. I actually started a forum topic on Ravelry about cotton vs acrylic and the benefits of it as all the patterns that I had been looking at required/ used cotton or linen blends. At the moment I’m trying to shop the stash – partly to reduce it down, partly current circumstances – but I really didn’t want to go out and get more yarn. I eventually found a pattern that used DK yarn which considering the requirement for cotton – which I later found out wasn’t strictly necessary – I had some cotton DK in my stash that would work well.

So far I’ve made two of the market bags, and no doubt I will be making more as I think I have about 2.5 balls of the cotton left. The first one I made I knit the mesh section to about 23cm, and the handles about 14cm – but when I fill it with groceries, it grows such a ridiculous amount that the next one I made about 20cm instead. I don’t know how that one performs just yet as I have given that one to my Mum. IMG_1910

There are slight differences between the two bags, and not just the length. The first one was a YO/K2tog, and the second was YO/K2tbl – it took so much longer to knit the main body of the second bag for this reason along. As much as I liked the look of it, the ones I make in the future will be made with the first method for the main body. I wanted a quick and easy project, not one where I was fighting the stitches going around the needle!

These are great mindless projects, and will definitely be coming back to them. The first one I used had the check out lady completely enamoured at Tesco’s a few weekends back, and she was shocked when I had said that I’d made it. Apparently these types of bags are coming back into fashion again, so yay! Fashion! Something that I’m not so great at and I’ve got this bit nailed!

I tried to rip out the i-cord in the arms of my Bramblewood but succeeded in nipping the  cast on edge and now I’m stuck for what to do. It looks really awful in the picture – at the moment it’s in time out as I’m just annoyed with it…
My current project is a pair of gloves in some beautiful yarn [acrylic] that Alex bought me a couple of months bag. The pattern is by designer Anni Howard, who designs a lot of things for Knit Now – including the very first pair of gloves I ever made! I’m sharing my progress on my Instagram for the moment [same name as here, if interested!] but I’ll include the photo’s in the next knitting blog post!

Well that’s all for the knitting for now, I do have a book blog lined up shortly though!