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Alex, my Fiancé, called me a keyboard warrior today. I really am not, although I can write excellent complaint letters to companies – one being sent today actually. I’m not going to go into the details of it as that isn’t what I am here for. I’m here to talk about tomorrow.

Britain is standing on the precipice of uncertainty. Tomorrow morning the polls will open and the future will be decided. It’s the first time in our generation that we have a say whether we want to be part of the European Union. There are so many arguments for and against the idea, and many of these are shrouded in misinformation and lies. I should qualify “our generation” – I am 27 years old. I didn’t get a chance to vote last time on account of not existing.

Perhaps I am just a stereotypical graduate, a liberal and a leftie – which many would attribute to why I want to remain. But it’s not the case at all.

First and foremost I am, or least, was, an Historian. History was my favourite subject throughout all of school, and it’s what my degree is in. I studied, like most kids, the Wars of last century. In A Level I wrote my extended essay on Nazism. At university my dissertation was all about immigration into the UK – going into the 80s. I like to think that I have some sort of grounding in this, and actually when people cite immigration as a key factor in why they want to Leave I am forever arguing that these statistics that are being quoted to me are wrong. The media leads the debate, and as such the general public are subject to ideas that immigration is “out of control” at something like 30 per cent of total population. It’s not. In a country of something like 63 million, the total immigration figure is something like 5 million total – that’s everyone that’s come here, and not even in one year.

After World War 2 ended and the creation of the European Coal and Steal Treaty – the start of managing joint assists to prevent another breakout of war. This evolved through the years into what is now the European Union – incorporating politics, economy, people, welfare and many more. Today we have the single market in which we can trade with other countries reducing the barriers that once held back the trade.

Authors at the time wrote about the European superstate, the original dystopian novels about the brainwashing and the rise of the European superstate that controlled everything. These fears were unfounded but it is something that I’ve seen milling around the internet as voting day gets closer. This super secret army – that doesn’t exist – for example. The secret European Police. The idea that Angela Merkal somehow controls all of Europe and has taken on a role even bigger than Hitler is just ridiculous.

Being a part of this Union is beneficial for us all. Please, please, go out and vote. I was speaking speaking to some colleagues who insisted that they weren’t going to vote simply because there’s not enough information out there. I think more than that – it is there, it just needs finding. Which is where this whole campaign has fallen apart in my eyes. As I said – misinformation and lies.

Basically, what I want to say is this: even if you’re undecided in what way to vote – vote Remain. At least that way, there’s still an opportunity to change things. And then we can say that we tried when we put it to a vote again in the future. To vote any other way is to vote for regressing the country back some 50 years.

Vote for our future. Our generations future. Don’t be disheartened because you remember a Britain that existed over 50 years ago – it just can’t exist like that again. The world is to different for that.

Vote to change what we have in existence already. Vote to change the institution from the inside, not watching and stumbling in the dark on the outside.