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I think I can be forgiven for not posting yesterday after the results of the referendum, in which Britain proved itself to be utterly stupid. I am a Remain supporter, it’s not sour grapes that I’m feeling. It was the logical choice to make. As the shock waves hit not just our stupid little country, but the World, we have to move on and somehow come out of this on the other side. I have shared enough stuff on the Brexit [stupid name for a stupid campaign] for now, so I will return to my knitting and try and not stress about what the future may hold.

So, the knitting. What is on my needles?

I’m currently making an OWLs jumper – a quite popular design on Ravalry by Kate Davies. I made one once before. In fact the first one I made was the very first jumper I made, where I was still so new at this whole knitting thing that I jumped right in and actually really had no clue as to what I was doing. Sometimes I think that is still true today.


So far I have the main body complete, and about half a sleeve. The sleeves are so far taking more time to knit than the main body as I have pretty much spent the last few days in what has felt like a permanent bad mood. But, once this post is done I plan to try and complete at least the first sleeve today.

I’m using an Aran weight yarn [Women’s Institute – as per usual] for this instead of a chunky weight as I was shopping from the stash rather than buying new yarn. In light of this I’m working on 5mm and 5.5mm needles and have knit the size for the 40” bust. My calculations tell me that this should then measure about 37” when finished as the tension is – obviously – different… so hopefully it will all be good and fit perfectly. Then, as my weight loss [hopefully, and slow and steady thing] kicks in it will transform into a jumper with a bit of positive ease and be slightly roomy. Hopefully. I don’t want to slide what I have off the needles to try on as I don’t want to give myself anymore trouble than I need. It’ll either work or it won’t!

The British summer has been a bit of a damp squid at the moment so I may need it before winter is here anyway!

That’s all for now folks,