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As mentioned in day ones post, I had two phases in which I learnt to knit. When I was a kid I remember going to my Nanna’s and knitting there, very much the stereotypical children knit of narrow/wide rectangles that had many accidental holes and dropped stitches in them to gaining stitches from nowhere and simply rolling with it. I don’t actually remember having any finished pieces – I imagine that they were unravelled and worked into something else that my Nanna could actually use!

When I picked up knitting four years ago I had help from my Mum – she taught me how to cast on and to do the garter stitch, colour change and ball change and all the basics there. Once I realised that this was a hobby that I was going to continue to do – especially after discovering Ravalry as well – I taught myself how to do the purl stitch. From there I made a couple of little book marks before moving on to toys, and then it simply exploded. There are some examples of my knitting through this post. IMG_0926

It wasn’t until recently [to be fair, it may have been a couple of years ago now, but it still feels recent] I learnt that I was actually doing the purl stitch wrong which was leading to crossed stitches.  It was alright when I was knitting in the round, but switching between working in the round, and then flat, it became apparent that there was a problem, and the lovely people of Instagram helped me through it.


I regularly use YouTube if there’s something that I’m not familiar with, or I need a refresher on a type of technique. I used to refer to it all the time for M1L/M1R, because coming across a pneumonic [not sure if that’s the right word there!]. I can’t remember the bit for the Left leaning increase but the right “goes right through the back” or something like that. And I also recently learned that when decreasing e.g. SSK, or K2tog that the first stitch the needle hits is the way the decrease will lean. The actions themselves seem really simple, but it’s this better of understanding of what’s behind them that makes me think that maybe one day I’ll be able to design something of my own.

My knitting has come on in leaps and bounds – that much is true from simple experience. Whilst I do still feel like my stuff has the look of a beginner, I know it’s not. Sometimes I think that’s because of the way I photograph my items [phone camera, no real set up instead of using my dSLR and setting up adequate lighting] and sometimes I think that it’s because I’m actually a rubbish knitter. I don’t know – I have my off days with these feelings. I would love my work to look seamless and professional, so I definitely have my goals to work towards in that regard.
How about yourselves, my knitterly friends? How did you learn to knit?