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This question is really difficult to answer. According to my Ravelry page I’ve created 73 projects, over many categories. Many have been gifts, like baby blankets and scarves.

Out of the stuff I’ve given away I think my favourite project was the baby blanket that reminded me of raspberry ripples ice cream. This was made for a friend of Alex’s, and was such a pleasure to knit. I plan to make another one to keep for myself – could potentially make a special blanket for my new kitten.


Of the things that I’ve made for myself I have three top choices for favourites. I have my Elder Tree shawl, which was one of the first things that I had made when we first moved into the flat. I’ve worn it so much, and keeps me so nice and snug. I made this one out of yarn dyed by one of my favourites indie yarn dyers – the lovely Countess Ablaze. The yarn is called “Nerds Prefer Their Rainbow’s Darker.” When I was winding it, and then subsequently knitting it I couldn’t help but be reminded of galaxies and nebulas.


My second on this list is my Doodler. I made it after the MKAL was largely over as I was enjoying seeing people’s reveals on Instagram, but I wanted to see the whole thing before I made it as Stephen West does some crazy things with his knitting, and this was the first thing that I was liking from the word go. This I used some Cuddlebums yarn that I’d stashed a couple of years beforehand. It was like it was waiting to be used for this specifically, I tell you! I love everything about this shawl, and wore it a lot through this winter, although not as much as I would have liked [rotation with my Elder Tree aside] it was quite a mild, wet winter that didn’t really require a scarf.

The last in my favourites contenders list is a hat. It’s called the “Eliza Tam”, and I’ve made it three times. The first was a bit of a fail, the second had mysterious holes appear [I thought moths, but there was no evidence at all, despite this happening to my first OWLs jumpers as well]. So this is the third version, which I adjusted and used DK yarn alongside the Noro as I wanted it to be slightly slouchier than I was getting with the other yarn.

IMG_0699I need to learn to take my photo’s after I’ve blocked my items though!

What’s your favourite projects?