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Okay, so yesterday was the second day that I missed posting, but I do have an awesome reason! Meet Artemis.

We’re calling him Artie for short. Of course, he doesn’t know his own name yet, so we’ll have to get on with some training once he’s all settled down. He’s been exploring parts of the flat that we didn’t even know existed – or that he could get to, to be honest. Like the tiny gap underneath the wardrobe, or behind the sound system. Or that he would like things like power cables. He’s quite mischievous! 

Last night felt like that first scene in Lady and the Tramp where “just one night” that he would sleep in the bedroom. You and I both know that it won’t be the last time! When I popped out to the shops to get him some cat milk he was in my place on the bed huddled in my PJs. So cute! 

I do need to either get or make him some toys, as I don’t want him to be bored.

Anyway, on to todays question: my least favourite projects. When it comes to this sort of question I never really know how to approach it. Least favourite – as in hate, or just one that didn’t make the top of the list. I usually approach it on the hate side of the spectrum. 

In this regard there are a couple of projects that I didn’t like, and thus didn’t really complete. One of them was a double knit scarf, but there was something about that meant I wasn’t really getting along with it, so I called time on it and stopped after completing less that one chart. It’s an interesting technique and one that I want to pick up again, but perhaps with a different project in mind. 

When looking back at projects now I think about what I could have done to make them much better. Of course, this is the benefit of experience. Take this Lupin scarf I made: at the time it was awesome, but looking back, I would add an iCord border around the whole thing to give it a much neater appearance all around. 

Right it’s time to go as Artie is determined to eat either my MacBook or  the power cable… 

(I ended up having to post this from my iPhone anyway as the publishing feature wasn’t working for some reason!) 

Until next time!