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This one for me is relatively easy for me to answer – I tried to make a double knit scarf once before. I think I mentioned it in yesterday’s blog actually. I was trying to make it in alpaca 4ply, which was nice to work with, but for this project it was just the wrong combination.

Plus the chart I was working from was quite small which made life all that much harder.

Here it is:

IMG_0886 IMG_0887

This would have been awesome had I finished it, but it was one of those projects I took as a learning curve more than anything. Perhaps had I used different yarn, or thicker a thicker yarn, then the results may have been vastly different. Whether I’ll try again or not is a different story though, but this was for me the most difficult technique I’ve come across so far in my knitting journey.

Today’s entry is short and sweet as there’s not much else to say about this question! And besides, I have another blog entry to write about my OWLs sweater, which is now complete.

What has been your most difficult project?