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My OWLs jumper is complete! I am super happy with how this one has turned out – even though my photo’s really won’t do it any justice.
A few weeks ago when I wasn’t really what to make, I went for this because I knew I had a over 1000 metres of Aran weight yarn to use. Cool, I thought, let’s make this! I thought that I would have enough yarn, and didn’t envision needing to go and get more for the last few rows and cast off – so in terms of stash busting that puts me at precisely back at square one. But I may make a blanket for Artie with the rest of it. Maybe.


As I was using Aran yarn I went for a slightly smaller needle size than recommended, and then made a bigger size – in this case I made the 40” size, which gets me 20 Owls. I didn’t swatch or anything, but once I had enough fabric I measured to be on the safe side – this isn’t exactly a project that takes a great amount of time to make progress on. Measuring allowed me to know that I should have a finished product of about 37” – it fits well! Yay for my maths skills!

I am currently undecided whether to put buttons on for the eyes. Mum did that bit for me on the last one, and it’s certainly not something that fills me with joy. Plus I think I would need to go and buy more buttons so that they would another reason to simply not bother!
Of course, now I need some winter time as it’s super thick jumper and about 20 degree celsius outside most days. But hey, at least I can say that I’ve prepared somewhat for winter this year!

My next project is actually something crochet. It was going to be a surprise for the person receiving it, but I can’t keep secrets very well so I had to share!