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This is such a hard question because I think the answer is ultimately a resounding “no”. I don’t have a favourite pattern, or designer. I’ve made most of the things I’ve made more than a couple of times of sure, but that doesn’t make me have a go to pattern or designer for anything. There are designers that stand out above others, like Kate Davies, but again I wouldn’t say that she’s a favourite of mine despite making the OWLs sweater.

One of the first things that I made was a pair of gloves. They were the first pair that I’d made in the round, and the first garment/accessory type thing that I’d made. I probably made this pattern three or four times, and were a go to pattern for gifts as I developed my skills. But now, I wouldn’t say that’s the case. I don’t make a lot of presents for people these days though.

If I had to pick an ultimate favourite from what I’ve made so far I’d say my “Doodler”, and I do have some plans to make another one, but it depends on time, and other projects, more than anything, but to be honest that’s like the only Stephen West pattern that I like.

How about yourselves, dear readers? How would you answer this question?