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Again, this is one of those answers that is going to be a “no.” I taught myself to knit, for the most part and learnt a lot from YouTube, but because I haven’t really been around knitters in the flesh – I taught one person to knit, and plan to teach more people in the future, but that still leaves me empty in terms of having a knitting. I have a couple of yarn dyer heroes…

For me this is a hard question to answer anyway. My heroes in life aren’t famous, or have fought in wars or done something heroic. My heroes have always been my parents, and for this reason I find it hard to attribute someone to being a hero in terms of knitting – because in all honesty the only heroes in my life are my parents… if that doesn’t sound to… sap haha.

That being said there are those out there that simply astound me. I want to aspire to better skills, especially finishing and showing off what I’ve made! It will happen, but it will take a lot of practice I think.

As I went to post this I had another thought – everything I said still stands on a personal level, but anyone who has the courage and wherewithal to try should get hero status to be honest.
Another short and sweet one today, as there’s not much to say on this topic.

Who do you consider your knitting heroes? How does this question get fulfilled for you?