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Okay, so in terms of storage of my yarn stash it’s not all that exciting in my flat. I have three medium zip lock vacuum bags filled with yarn – but that’s not an exciting picture. Who wants to see that? So… assuming I still have the photos on my computer, I’ll share my “flash the stash” photo from the beginning of the year. (I actually had to nab it from Instagram as I’d deleted it…).

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.40.04

It’s not the biggest stash in the world, not the fanciest, but it is mine. There’s a fair amount of indie dyed yarn in the top left, and the rest is mostly acrylic. It certainly meets my needs! I would love to keep on buying yarn, but at the moment I’m working on reducing what I have as money isn’t as flexible as it was when I building the stash in the first place.

I’ve gone through a decent amount of yarn of year – Ravelry lists is at about 4980 metres, but not all projects have accurate meterage as things like the crochet teddy bear I made I didn’t pay attention to the weights or how much I went through. (I still have to blog about that teddy bear. It’s ridiculous, you’ll laugh… but it’s still something that I made).

I started a new project, a Doodler, which may or may not be a Christmas present for someone this year. I still have vague plans to make things and put in a box, and then people can decide on what they want come Christmas time, but I’m not too sure. My newest Doodler is alpaca, in blue for colour A, white for colour B, (bottom left in the plastic wrapper)  and then a Wollmeise for the final colour C (middle/top left).  I have plenty of these yarns so I very much doubt I’ll run out. In fact, I was thinking of making a third, reversing the colours in order to use up these yarns in their entirety. But, I’ll have to see. I’ve also been fighting Artie, as he’s gone crazy for the alpaca yarn… although it could be the knitting false stop, so I’m having to find a way to knit and keep him occupied as well… knitting keeps me sane, I don’t want to give it up!