As I mentioned yesterday I have a lot of indie dyed yarn, and sometimes it’s hard to match patterns to them… so I’m sort of including most of my sock yarn stash in this question, which is sort of the cheats way out.

Some of the skeins I’ve bought I’ve had instant ideas for, like the skein of EasyKnits that will be a pair of ZigZagular socks, or the MadTosh that turned into a pair of Water for the Elephants socks, alongside a blue skein of EasyKnits.

Other skeins wait for their project to come along. Sometimes is not a long wait – like a couple of months, and other times years. For my first Doodler, I had the yarn sitting in wait, a matching set of three skeins, just patiently waiting to be used for it. And it was a beautiful match for sure! I have some GnomeAcres in the “Glow Cloud” colour way that I have absolutely no idea what to do with, and the same with the “Polyjuice Potion,” but it was one that I just had to buy! [Which to be fair is the motto for the majority of my yarn stash. Which also explains why there’s not quite enough to make a lot of things haha].

Short and sweet today, I’ll see you on the morro!