Apparently, I managed to not write about Day 14 as I accidentally listed Day 13 as Day 14, which has totally baffled me over the last day and a half.

To be fair… there’s not much I can say about this answer. I generally dislike working with cotton as I find it really hard to work with. If there’s not stretch when it comes to working the stitches, it’s hard on the hands and generally end up disliking the final product as well. Despite this though, I would like to try linen yarn even though I suspect that it would be similar to the cotton.

I will never not enjoy working with the acrylic I’ve found, as mentioned in previous posts so I won’t even pretend that I don’t like it. I know there are rubbish acrylics out there, but I like most of the ones that I choose.

I’m not exactly loving the alpaca fino that I’m working with at the moment, but that’s more because it’s shedding a lot as I knit. It feels awesome in the actual project though, so that’s cool!

I’ll get back on track with the proper blogging in the right order with the right names tomorrow. I was planning on writing two of the challenge days today to make up for the mistake I’d made, but I’ll leave this one like this and sort the rest of it out tomorrow as I still also need to share my crochet project with you all!

What’s your worst yarn or fibre?