I sense another short entry coming on as the answer to this question is a No. At least, I think it’s a no. The worst I’ve had whilst knitting is calluses forming on my index finger on the left hand when the needles have been a little on the pointy side, and it’s taken a while for that to form.

The worst set of needles for causing pain are actually my HiyaHiya 9” sock needles. Even though I use around the 3mm to make my socks [tight knitter…] the very tips of the needles were sinking into my skin as I was going round – but not like every stitch – just every now and then, but enough to throw me off guard and cause that stab of pain.

I’ve had other injuries that have affected my knitting – like when I tried to catch a mandolin and managed to slice my thumb on the blade instead of actually catching it. It bled an awful lot and I had to stop knitting for a short while as the yarn, and fibres were getting caught in the wound as it was trying to heal, and having a plaster covering it wasn’t particularly comfortable either.

So yeah.. no exciting story to tell on this one I’m afraid! How about yourselves? Any knitting related injuries to speak of?