There are only two projects that crop up in my mind – that now infamous Hufflepuff scarf – my first ever project – that was whisked away in Alex’s stolen car. I suppose it’s not technically ruined, but it’s just not with us anymore. Someone, somewhere, may have it though.

The other project that was “ruined” wasn’t destroyed, but was made incorrectly, meaning that I won’t ever wear it. There was a counting error or something in the pattern that I didn’t pick up on when I was knitting it. Because of this it puts the central design off by about an inch – and means that I’m not likely to wear it. The pattern was in a magazine, and once I’d posted that I’d had some trouble with the magazine version of the pattern, the designer sent me her copy of the pattern instead allowing me to make it again correctly – once I get around to it. Which I haven’t really had the chance to yet.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this project to be honest. It’s hanging up in the wardrobe, so far never seeing the light of day…

So I don’t have any exciting cats or dogs ruined  stories, or babies or disaster washing machines or anything like that. In this sense I consider myself quite lucky – I’m sure that it will change one day, but for now – I’m lucky with how these projects have turned out.

How about yourselves? How would you answer this question?