As far as I am aware I knit English style – the yarn is at home in my right hand, and the right needle goes into the leading leg on the left needle… it’s the way that felt most natural to me when I was learning to knit. I know that I was purling incorrectly for some time after I had learnt which led to my stitches being twisted, and once I corrected that manoeuvre my knitting improved vastly afterwards.

I don’t have any videos of my knitting, otherwise I would share. There was a big thing on Instagram a little while ago about showing how people knitted which I found interesting. I wanted to take part myself but sort of forgot to make a video – plus trying to place a camera somewhere *convenient* and knit at the same time was somewhat difficult.

Some people seem to be endlessly fascinated by knitting styles. So not only is it not enough to know what style they knit, but also the many different sub categories – such as throwers [which is naturally the only one coming to mind at the moment as it’s the one that I do] – which I suppose the knowledge is neat to know, but there comes a point wherein you’ve labelled yourself into such a little box you have to wonder just where it gets.

Okay, so something just came to mind – it’s probably wrong but I’ll share the example anyway. Someone could knit English throwing style, with an eastern mount [the way the stitch is]  and then on the purl side they could do something completely different… I don’t even know. I guess it becomes important when it comes to making sure that stitches aren’t twisted, and I know that some people love to be put into their boxes but there comes a point where I think enough is enough, you know?

How do you knit? What’s your style? Is it important to you know what your style is?