I usually have something playing on the TV when I’m knitting. Whether it’s marathoning Warehouse 13, Wayward Pines or just having the background noise of The Simpsons, or Family Guy – there’s typically something on. If it’s not the TV, it’s the radio. I love my peace and quite, and my knitting time is the best peace and quite I can have.

I listened to the vast majority of Welcome to Night Vale whilst I was knitting. In fact, it was the perfect podcast to listen to whilst knitting as it was interesting and allowed me to concentrate on my work at the same time. I also moved onto The Thrilling Adventure Hour once I’d caught up on the Night Vale shenanigans. Despite that – Night Vale will have a special place in my heart, even if the most recent episodes are a bit… lack lustre.

I don’t tend to watch knitting podcasts either. I’m not sure why, it’s just that they don’t appeal to me at all. I would rather read the blogs in the WordPress reader feed than watch things or listen to random people.

This all said – I don’t *need* to have anything on or playing. I like the silence too. I did manage to read one of the Game of Thrones books whilst making something relatively simple as the book was on my Kindle.

I wouldn’t say I have a specific thing that I listen to or watch – if the TV is on it’s on, if it’s not, it’s not… you know?

How about yourselves? How would you answer this question?