Okay, so I’ve totally failed the challenge in posting every day…. but here’s day 21.

In the past I have done knitted presents for people – usually family and my closet friends. When I first started I was making quite a lot of things for other people, whether it was scarves, plush toys or vest tops [one of my best makes ever!] but recently I haven’t really done this as much. I did make my parents some toys for Christmas, but I feel like I should have developed better finishing skills by now, and I get… embarrassed perhaps isn’t the right word, but I hate how my finishing ends up and makes me reluctant to make things.

My favourite was the Heliopath Vest that I made for my best friend. Everything about that project went so well, and it was the first project after I had come to the realisation that I had been crossing my stitches. I do plan to make another one in the future as I also love the one that I made myself and still wear it a lot.

One Christmas I made a lot of miniature polar bears for people instead of sending Christmas cards which I thought was a nice idea. There was a lot more work involved in sewing up that it looked like though… and I had decided to make them rather late into the Christmas season. The ones I made my parents became tree ornaments, and last I heard one that I had given my other best friend was guarding a miniature Canterbury Cathedral!

I do enjoy making things for other people as I love being a charitable knitter, but like I say I just wish my finishing had better flare to it. I’m sure it’s a degree of practice, but I feel like I’m missing something when it comes to these finishing projects. The good news is that out of everything that I’ve made so far for other people, I haven’t had reports of anything falling apart!

Are you a gift knitter?