This is an awkward question, isn’t it? Like, what if the person that you struck off read the blog? I have struck people off my knitting list, but before I got around to making items for people. There are a number of reasons that I do this, and it mainly comes down to appreciation.

I wanted to make something for a lady who was expecting her first child. Something cute, handmade – I had an idea of what I wanted to make as well. Nothing big, just a pair of baby booties. When I said to the person that this was what I wanted to make the reply was one of disregard, and “baby already has a lot of stuff”. That screamed to me to back away before starting. It was the way that it was said, and the disregard for what goes into a present like that. Conversely, I had another friend who coveted anything handmade for their baby, so I spent my time and effort on her instead.

I have another “type” that I don’t knit for, and it’s the people that pester me for knits. Whether it’s something big, something small, the more I get pestered, the more likely that I won’t ever knit anything. And to be honest, I don’t really like being asked. I like to offer, if I think the situation is right, and then go from there.

This of course gets me into other troubles for finding the time to make the projects that I’ve then offered out!

How would you answer this question?