For me, the answer to this question lies not in knitting, but in crochet. Crochet isn’t something that I’ve really written about over the course of the 30 day challenge. With knitting, I feel like I am able to tackle a fair few projects these days, and nothing really intimidates me – as I’ve mentioned before it’s about the finishing that I need/want to improve. But crochet – I’ve completed three crochet projects, and there is one that I covet.


I was introduced to the Sophie’s Universe. It’s a blanket, and I’ve only seen beautiful examples of it. But it requires a lot of yarn, and whilst I have a sizeable stash, I actually don’t have the yarn for this. Plus, I imagine I need to develop my skills a bit more before I tackle something like this.

In terms of knitting, I actually already achieved my dream knit, that one that I coveted more than anything else last year. It was a pair of socks, colour worked and knee high. It took about 6 weeks, probably more I don’t wholly remember right now, I enjoyed working them. Once I had finished I realised that I could do anything knitting wise, so long as I applied my mind to it.

How would you answer this question?