I have yet to try my hand at designing, and then making something. I sort of sketched out an idea for making a pair of chunky owl gloves once, but I didn’t really go any where with it. I want to know more about construction, design, techniques and yarn types before I design. Then I think I don’t have the mental capacities to design something. Am I artistic enough? I know I can knit and follow patterns, but making something of my own? I just don’t know.


I did dye my own yarn. I used to Kool-Aid and heat to try this. I had two skeins of KnitPicks Bare Stroll, and had one pink, green and white, and the other… was slightly more of a mess. But I’m pleased with how these came out as it was my first attempt at making something like this. The one that came out a mess – yellow, blue, white, purple – is destined to become socks. The white/pink/green may become a pair of gloves, if I can find a pattern I like for fingering weight yarn.

I have more Kool-Aid so I can try again, I’d like the yarn to be more saturated with colour the next time that I try.

Have you designed patterns? Yarn dyed?