I have the most boring, nondescript folder that I keep all my knitting patterns in. When I first started knitting I printed a lot of the things that I wanted to make, rather than just keeping them as downloads in my computer library. These days, I print when I want to make something rather than the other way round as it makes more sense and is way more economical. I didn’t actually end up making a lot of those patterns that I originally downloaded and printed either, so lesson learned there as well.

IMG_2089 IMG_2090
This folder isn’t pretty, but it’s practical. Some of the patterns that I’ve made has examples of the yarns I’ve used in them – which certainly makes sense – but I haven’t done that with all of them. I really should keep that up though – alongside keeping the yarn labels as well, which usually make their way into the bin.

I don’t keep tabs on measurements or anything like that. Sadly, I’m not as skinny as I used to be – and although I’m trying to work on it, it’s harder than it should be to stay on track. We’ll just leave that one like that.

How do you keep track of this information?