Yes! The first ever knit along – KAL – was for the Heliopath Vesta good couple of years ago now. I really wanted that pattern, and the host of the challenge managed to get me the book – legitimately – as it’s from the original Harry Potter Knits magazine, and not available to buy in the UK due to the copyright reasons [it’s now available as “Wizarding Knits” in the UK, with some of the original patterns taken out – I think there’s 5 less than the original]. I also had a friend send me a physical copy of the magazine as well as I really wanted this magazine.

I loved being a part of this KAL. The people I was doing it with were awesome as well, everyone was super supportive and chatty. It also happened to be involved with Instagram as well, which is probably my favourite app, so it tied everything in really quite nicely.

I’ve done one for Socktober as well, and actually won some prizes for that pair of socks. I also did the Doodler, but that was after the main MKAL was done with – that’s more because I’m not a huge fan of Stephen Wests designs so wanted to see what it would look like completed before I made mine.

I downloaded an MKAL to do this month, but because I haven’t yet finished my second Doodler I want to finish that first before jumping into this MKAL, it looks like a good design so far.

Overall I prefer to do normal knit alongs rather than mystery ones as you know what you’re getting with the normal, known patterns. There’s every chance that the pattern, or the the final result won’t be to your taste with the MKAls.

Do you partake?