Hmm… this is a difficult question to answer because the answer is basically “it depends”. It depends on what yarn I’m buying. If it’s the Women’s Institute yarn – which is my go to yarn, and is available from Hobbycraft, I’ll go in person. I don’t tend to buy things like Rowan, or Debbie Bliss, or Stylecraft particularly often so a normal yarn store is a bit redundant for me. I love my indy dyed yarn – Countess Ablaze, Cuddlebums, easyknits.co.uk etc, so these ones get bought online.

I used to use Deramores a bit for online buying, but really, I prefer to support the indy dyers and buy as direct as I can. I would love a yarn store that sold them all and be able to go and see them in person, and you know… have a feel of the yarn or what not, but there are only a few shops that sell yarn like this, like Loop, iKnit or Yak [Brighton] so it makes it a lot harder to go and find it.

Ultimately, I use online stores for my more high end yarn. But I’m not opposed to going to a big box and getting yarn from there, but like I say I don’t tend to use the middling brands. I hope that this makes sense!

What do you do? How do you buy your yarn?