Hmm. For this one, I would suggest the following:

1. Take your time with your work. It will take time to learn things like evening out your tension, so take your time with your projects and enjoy the process. Don’t get stressed out about it – it’s not worth it.

2. Read a pattern all the way through, several times before jumping in. It allows you to become familiar with the designers writing style, to know what to expect and where. Additionally, any instructions that are “at the same time” can be expected, and save a lot of frogging time.

3. Utilise Ravelry. This one for me is key. Whether it’s the forums and requests for help, or using the pattern pages to see what other people have done, whether it’s modifications or fixing mistakes.

4. Use YouTube. There are some excellent bloggers out there that can demonstrate pretty much any and all techniques in the realm on knitting [and crochet]. My personal favourite is VeryPinkKnits. Her videos are clear, concise and explained in a simple way.

5. Experiment with different needles and types. Use straights, DPNs, circulars of all materials until you find the set that you like the most. I’ve spent a fair amount on needle sets and have a whole set that I just don’t use as I don’t enjoy the material.

To be fair that’s about it. I think if I hadn’t discovered Ravelry I wouldn’t have been as into knitting as I am. It’s such a great resource. It’s probably the only website that if they asked for donations/subscribership I would do it without question.

Any tips or tricks up your sleeves?