Yes! Ravelry is my favourite website. When people mention knitting to me, I always have to bring up how awesome the Ravelry database is. My name over there, like everywhere on the internet [except YouTube as I made that account before this] is “Kialtho”. It’s a name that I came up with some years ago when I first started this blog, actually. I took one of those memes on Facebook that was all about finding your Star Wars name. Add in an extra letter, and there we have it! I love this name, and it’s unique – always available on the websites I want to sign up to.

Ravelry is awesome. I know I’ve spoken about it before, so won’t rehash what I’ve said before.

This post marks the end of the 30 day challenge. I haven’t done particularly well at posting every day – I just haven’t made the time to write the blog entries. I’m disappointed by that, but real life does take precedent.

I’ve nearly finished my second Doodler. Artie loves to try and “help” which has hindered when I can do it, but it’s nearly there. For some reason my right hand is hurting at the moment, in the fingers. I assume I’ve done too much somewhere along the way – work at the weekend was a bit of a nightmare, so maybe I’ve done something there, alongside hurting my back.

Anyway, that’s all for now – thanks for joining me on this journey!