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*sigh* I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a couple of days. It should have been filled with the awesome high of finishing a project – which I did finish and feel the high on – but in reality it went downhill not long after. Mainly because I’m an idiot.
I finished my second Doodler. It looked amazing. The colours, the drape, how it all worked together! I sewed in the ends – didn’t cut them though – I do that after the blocking stage – and put it in the wash.

And that’s where I went wrong.

The yarn did specify hand wash only, but my machine has a “wool wash” that basically soaks the item, turning it once every 5-10 minutes or so – and only once. So essentially, a hand wash. I put it on a cold wash as well, so nothing should have gone wrong, right?

Can you see where this is going?


Nothing destroys the high of finishing a project that’s taken about 6 weeks to do, that putting it in for those finishing touches and ruining it completely.

The thing is, I don’t think it would have done either. But, in my haste and perhaps that finishing high, I put the washing machine on the wrong setting. The dial was one click away from being the wash that I needed. It went on a silk/cashmere wash – you wouldn’t think that there’s much difference, would you? But there is. Time, for one – you would have thought that I would have noticed that, but it was 3 minutes difference.

No. I think the washing machine agitated the product too much, so instead of simply soaking, it spun. I also didn’t let the machine cool down from the previous load [it’s a washer dryer, the last load had been dried].


I have a plan.

Only the blue and white section felted, so the plan is to remake that bit. Then pick up the 300 stitches for the orange, then go back to the original and cut away the felted bit, pick up the corresponding 300 stitches and graft them together with either Kitchener Stitch – magical, magical (long winded) stitch, or use a three needle bind off to seam the two products together.

By doing it this way I don’t have to sacrifice all those weeks of work – just a few – and save the Wollmeise segment – and my mum can still have an awesome shawl for when winter comes.

On the plus side, this has been my first mistake like this in the 4 and a half years that I’ve been knitting, so I can’t really argue or be angry about that, I just feel a bit like an idiot more than anything. I wanted it blocking so that I could give it to my mum the next day when we were meeting after work.

If anyone has any advice or suggestions for this, that would be great!

I’ll write a blog once I’ve conducted the reconstruction and repair… but first, I’m going to make some mittens. I’d like some gratification back. I will also knit a test square and wash that on the wash that I know usually works fine just to be doubly sure before I hand the new finished item over. But first, mittens.

Feel sorry for me, (or not, maybe)