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I have a few blogs to write, and I’ve been neglecting them. I’ve been keeping a list of what I want to write about – Cursed Child, for instance – and some knitting projects that I’ve completed. Today, though rather than talking about the completed projects I want to write about a project that I’m working on at the moment. And more specifically, the yarn.

As you may remember from my last blog regarding my knitting projects, I had made a Doodler, that sadly felted in the wash. I had decided that I was going to save the orange section by picking up all the stitches that connected it to the main body, then reknit the original body with the same yarn as before. But after speaking with my mum – who is also the recipient of the shawl – we decided on a different yarn to help prevent this from happening again.


Or at least, it was. Until I had a yarn barf that about about half the size of the cake.

It took around about 12 hours to sort out the entire tangle. The picture shown doesn’t portray at how bad it really was – there was another nest to come out after that little lot. Naturally, this happened at 10pm so I spent a good four hours trying to sort it out the first night. But, I was victorious over this mess! The ball is now a part centre pull ball, and the rather large barf is wrapped around the outside – I don’t even know that the name for that would be.
As it stands I’m on wedge 15 of the 17 required, and it’s going super well. I’m very much in love with this, and could be tempted to make myself a second one in the other skein of this yarn I have. It’s so squishy and bouncy and huggable. [It’s a Cuddlebums yarn, “Snowy Rainbow” in a merino/bamboo mix, I believe].

Here’s a picture of Artie enjoying the felted mess, once it had been cut away from the rest of the project.
I’ve seen that Stephen West is launching the fall MKAL to start in October… I’ve queued the project, but I’m not sure yet whether it’s one I’ll join. The Doodler was one of the few patterns that I really liked of his. At least, if I do decide to do it, I have a fair amount of sport weight yarn in my stash!

I will write about my other projects and the things that I need to write about over the coming few days – but will schedule the updates so it’s not so spammy.