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Continuing on from yesterday’s blog, today I want to write about a couple of finished knitting projects. One was so minor it wasn’t worth taking a whole blog with it – that I didn’t get a great picture of it anyways, and the other was for a pair of mittens which – if I do say so myself – are awesome.

Let’s start with the mittens.
I have a few great loves in my life, and it’s always awesome when they combine – this time it’s Harry Potter and knitting. A couple of years ago I got the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine sent to me by some lovely American friends. It’s full of Harry Potter goodness. This time I choose to make the mittens. One said has a parliament of owls, and the other has several spells – a great remember if you’re in a hurry and need a spell quickly perhaps. I knew as soon as I picked up the needles that these were going to be a gift for my best friend, especially considering the release of the Cursed Child happened around the same time.

These gloves were super easy to make. It felt like it took forever to get through the ribbing section, and I had quite a few false starts. When I looked up the yarn information online [instead of just using Ravelry – why didn’t I just go to Ravelry??] it listed the yarn as Sport weight. So I duly cast on using my sport weight yarn, thinking that it was too big. Went down a couple of needles sizes and tried again – same problem. THEN went to Ravelry to find out that actually, it’s a fingering weight yarn. So dug out through the stash again and decided on what I could use – I ended up with some Regia Fadig 4ply and some MadTosh – possibly the sock yarn version, possibly the vintage? I’m not sure as I don’t have the label any more and apparently I don’t keep as accurate project notes that list that sort of information.

Once I got started again these gloves went by swimmingly. I corrected the couple of spelling mistakes – Repairo became Reparo, Sonorous became Sonorus, and then Leviosa became Nox because I wanted to have the spells somewhat match rather than have a random Leviosa in there without the Wingardium bit first. It wasn’t hard to map out the changes – and I can sort of understand how the spelling mistakes got there in the first place, but a simple check of the HP Lexicon or wiki could have prevented it in the first place.

These were actually my first pair of mittens! I’ve made loads of fingerless gloves before, but these were the first pair of mittens.

The second project was a quick and easy one. Using the Alpaca Highland fino from the original Doodler project before it felted, I made a bunny. It’s a simple knitted square, sewn in a particular way to create the dimensions of a rabbit – stuff and sew and done! I made this for Artie as he kept attacking the yarn and trying to run away with it when I was making the Doodler – I assumed it was because of the sheep/alpaca smells, but now I think he’s just a yarn thief as he’s trying to do it with my current project as well.
Things still to come: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child [book] review, 1984 [play] and probably more knitting stuff.

What’s on your needles? Hook?